We are living in the time of the largest refugee crisis since World War II.

We want to help one family.

We are a group of approximately 25 friends, connected through our neighbourhood, our children, and our work. We have come together to make refugee resettlement a reality in our community. We look forward welcoming our first family to Ottawa! We hope to apply our experience to support the resettlement of other refugee families in the future.

Our Family

We are sponsoring a family of four from Syria. The family is currently living in Lebanon and we are hoping they will be reunited with family here in Ottawa within the next few months. Feras and Fayzeh are married and have 2 children. Their son Nour is turning 13 years old this year and their daughter Souad is 10 years old.

Since 2012 their family has been forced to move several times due to a robbery, bombing and harassment from military officials. The neighbourhood they had been living in prior to the conflict has been destroyed. They have no home to go back to in Syria. In the fall of 2015 the family made their way to Lebanon where they are staying with friends of family members. Feras and Fayzeh rely on money from their family in Canada to survive. Nour and Souad cannot go to school, none of the family has access to health care and Feras is unable to work as they to do not have status in Lebanon.

We have paired with another group out of Little Italy who are sponsoring Feras’ sister and her children. We are trying to bring both families over together so that they can be reunited with another sister and niece living here in Ottawa. Our paper work was fully submitted to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada in the second week of February. Barring any complications with the application process, we can expect both families to arrive in as little as 2 months.

There is a third sibling in Lebanon who is being paired with another local group and we hope that their paperwork will be processed soon and that we will have all three families here in Canada before the summer.

Your Support

Any support you wish to offer will be greatly appreciated.

Your entire contribution will serve the family’s immediate resettlement needs, particularly in their first year in Canada. If we receive more than we need for that family we will ensure that it goes to support other refugee families.

We welcome financial donations from Canada, as well as from citizens of other countries who wish to actively help refugees to resettle as quickly as possible.

  • If you live in Canada and would like a tax receipt for your donation, contact us using the button below.

  • If you live outside of Canada or you do not require a tax receipt, you may donate now via PayPal.

We also welcome donations of goods and other types of support. Visit our DOORS online registry to see what’s currently needed.